The trend is rising in home break-ins and the pattern has changed

Statistics have shown that home burglaries are increasing and the pattern of when a house is broken into has changed. In the past, a home was usually broken into when the family was on vacation or when the parents were at work. Recent statistics have shown that the modern burglar is often more than one. They will not enter a home if the family is asleep at night, and they will often accost family members who are awake. The home break-in criminal read more

These are the Five Essential Shoes Every Woman Must Have

You probably have enough shoes to fill your entire wardrobe if you’re a shoe-lover and a shopaholic. If you are looking for a simple but effective way to enhance your wardrobe, then this is the article for you. Even though you may not have all the shoes that you want, these are the five essentials every girl should have.

Getting down to business

Do you own a shoe that is specifically made for business or work? Shoes should be well-made and should read more

Employers are increasingly using workplace mediation, but should it be used earlier?

The ACAS Research Paper “Analysis of how grievances and disciplinary procedures affect workplace mediation using WERS2011” examines both the Workplace Employment Relations Study of 2011 (and its predecessor, 2004).

Particularly, the ACAS Paper:

(1) The nature and scope of Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures.

(2) Workplace mediation in Britain and the key factors that determine its use.

(3) The relationship between workplace mediation, workplace procedures read more

5 Tips To Attain A Successful Family Life

5 Tips To Attain A Successful Family Life

Families are the micro-unit within the bigger society. The success of the family is essential to the overall success of the larger society. This is why the quest to achieve success in the family is something that we should all be actively engaged in.

People who are trying to build their own families by marriage, spend a lot of time, energy , and money on planning their wedding , but not preparing for their wedding. It’s more problematic because read more