This Web series got the highest rating on IMDb – commitment

This Web series got the highest rating on IMDb - commitment

OTT platforms will soon take over cinema halls and become the choice of every viewer willing to be entertained. The option to watch shows online and watch HD movies sitting at home with friends and family without moving out is something no one would like to miss. With the pandemic’s current situation, such platforms like aha with unique content streaming on them are everyone’s preference.

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A fabulous romantic comedy web series streaming on aha is commitment. Directed by PavanSadineni, the series is five episodes long. With some emotional angle, the series is filled with romance and comedy. It revolves around partners who are in a long-distance relationship, Anu and Phani. While Phani is overexcited to marry and settle down with Anu, Anu is unsure and is not ready for any commitment. Phani surprisingly returns from The United States of America and proposes Anu for marriage. Anu refuses to marry, but due to Phani’s persistence, the couple settles on the idea to live-in together to check how things turn up. However, while searching for a home, they meet Anu’s childhood friend and become the bridegroom. The friend shares how his relationship with his girlfriend is not on good terms as the marriage is coming around the corner. Anu and Phani try to tangle things between Anu’s friend and his girlfriend but create a mess in their heads regarding their relationship. Certain events unfold in their life with the premarital pregnancy of Anu. The couple working against the odd and cleaning mess in their lives and heads is a gripping story to watch. It will make you stick to the seat and make you end up loving the show.

The show has cast well known YouTuber UdhbavRaghunandan and film actress PunarnaviBhupalam as the main leads. Other faces of the series are SivannarayanaNaripeddi, Vishnu Oi, VenkateshKakumanu, NamrataTipirneni and others. The web series is a remake of the 2013 Hindi web series Permanent Roommates, which received immense love from the audience. commitment, released on 13th November 2020, was showered love by the audience and is counted under the web series that got the highest IMDb rating of .6.7 out of 10. The Viral Fever produces the show, and the distributor is Aha. For someone who watches shows online and is looking for Telugu Content, Aha is the correct platform, and commitment is the perfect show.

To sum up, the twist and turns in this couple’s life are worth giving a watch to. The emotional and romantic plots with witty comedy will help this web series top the list of your favourite shows. You can stream commitmentalwebseries online on aha app.