These are the Five Essential Shoes Every Woman Must Have

You probably have enough shoes to fill your entire wardrobe if you’re a shoe-lover and a shopaholic. If you are looking for a simple but effective way to enhance your wardrobe, then this is the article for you. Even though you may not have all the shoes that you want, these are the five essentials every girl should have.

Getting down to business

Do you own a shoe that is specifically made for business or work? Shoes should be well-made and should match your business attire. Business shoes look best when worn with blue, black, or grey suits. A good first impression is important during an interview or critical presentation in the field. The shoe will most often be black with a medium-sized heel. This will make you look taller and increase your confidence. A mid-sized heel is more comfortable than a high-heeled shoe.

Blue Jeans Baby

A pair of shoes that matches your favorite jeans is another must-have pair. Juniors should avoid sneakers and jeans. A casual look can be achieved with flat shoes or loafers. You need more than just a pair of cute sneakers, as jeans are becoming a staple fashion item.

In warmer climates, high heels are great and boots work well in winter. Uggs don’t cost a lot, but they make a fashion statement.

Yoga Time

For the gym, you will need to wear comfortable sneakers. Even if you don’t regularly go to the gym it is still essential to have comfortable shoes for your daily tasks and errands. Exercise is essential and should be a part of your daily routine. You can choose from rubber-soled sneakers or walking shoes.

As long as the product is comfortable and supportive, it doesn’t really matter what brand it is. Nike is a popular brand, but there are many other options available.

Your Sexy, Black Dress

A pair of pumps that match a beautiful dress is essential for every woman. It doesn’t matter if it is fun or hot; the shoe should be bold. This shoe should be a part of your wardrobe. This shoe is perfect for special occasions and outings. These shoes are not cheap, so you can spend a lot.

Super Cutie

indoor christmas decorations

It is well-known that red or pink shoes are not practical. Every girl wants them on her feet. Although they may not match your existing shoes, they are still a great choice. Although this shoe is rarely worn, you will find it in every woman’s closet.

Although we are all impulsive, every girl has at least one pair of shoes. These are the five most popular types of shoes that a woman would have in her closet. Do you own all of them? Maybe it’s time to go through your closet and find the missing pieces. You will find the perfect pair with all the new styles that come out every season.